Why a Career in Media Sales?

Media sales is not just a great career, it's the door to a world of opportunities.

The Money's Good

It's good to get paid for your hard work. Account executives start at an above-average salary (depending on regional and personal factors) and have a vast range of growth potential over time. Colorfyl's training and post-hire coaching help you develop the technical skills and personal fortitude - the edge you need to find and grow your accounts.

$ 0 k+

Depending on your region and sales ability, most successful starting Account Executives can expect to earn at least $50k in their first year

$ 0 k+

Account Executives with a few years experience can expect to earn more than $100k annually and this number can be substantially more for go-getters

$ 0 k+
Top Performers

Top performers have vast earning potential, with many easily clearing $350,000 a year and some making considerably more. Not bad!

These numbers are based on national averages and real people. We are committed to your success, but cannot guarantee the same results

Growth Options Abound

Media companies often have several layers of management at the local level, and most have multiple presences around the country. Interested in going further? Beyond local, regional and corporate opportunities for sales leadership are always in demand. Colorfyl helps you start down your path. Once you’ve established a foothold with your local account management, your options open up for mobility – both vertically and horizontally. The career track you’re on can take many trajectories.

Local Level

At the local level, you're building and managing a solid set of accounts through your in-depth knowledge of products and local markets

Regional Level

Once you've moved up from account management to team management, you can look to extend that to a regional level

Corporate Level

At the corporate level, you're helping create and coordinate company wide initiatives and teams of leaders

Sales Skills = Life Skills

As you know if you’ve spent time in sales, it’s just the ability to attentively listen and communicate clearly. These deceivingly simple skills are forever in demand, sought out in every industry and always well paid for. They’re also life skills – very important ones – as the ability to communicate is essential to creating and maintaining relationships.

Colorfyl’s Academy Training Program teaches mindset, leadership, sales strategies, product knowledge and presentation techniques to help make find success on – and off – the job.

"When I first entered the field of sales, the one thing I quickly grew to appreciate was the fact that anything I did to increase my ability in selling also increased my ability in life. Sales skills are life skills."

Lateral Mobility and Other Perks and Bennies

Your initial job search might or might not land you in the area you hoped for, but with our larger partner companies, there can be tens of dozens of transfer opportunities as you grow in your position. Lateral movement opportunity is common as these companies would rather promote from within when possible. 

Map for Lateral Mobility

Our daily job tracker keeps tabs on open media sales positions all over the country

It’s also worth mentioning (since it’s no guarantee in today’s employment marketplace) that most of the companies we work with are titans in the industry and offer competitive salaries, health/dental care and 401k (or other retirement savings) plans.

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