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Frequently Asked Questions

While it’s our long term goal to represent most (if not all) diverse cultures and ethnicities – our current focus is the men and women of the BIPOC communities

Currently we are recruiting for sales positions in local and broadcast media companies. In the future we plan to represent many more verticals

There are a few ways you can be a part of Colorfyl.

  • As a student, you can apply for the Academy.
  • As a diversity officer or sales manager, you can contact us to learn how we can help staff your organization with the highest quality diverse talent.
  • As an educator or recruiter, you can contact us for employment opportunities. 
  • As an interested party in the D&I space, you can contact us regarding partnerships and alliances.

Yes, for a limited time, all accepted applicants of the Colorfyl Academy will be enrolled, placed into media company positions and one-on-one mentored at no cost.

When this free-enrollment period ends and we start charging for the program, we will have a limited number scholarships available for those in need who apply for them.

We do not yet have a timeframe for the end of free classes, and this aspect of our program is subject to change without notice.

If there’s anything that 2020 taught us, it’s that there are no guarantees other than change. We do stand behind our product, people and promise. We will give our students a meaningful education that will benefit them throughout their career. We will try our hardest to find them positions in inclusive companies after graduation. 

We guarantee that we’ll give it our best effort, we hope you do the same!


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