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We accelerate revenue growth through workplace diversity by sourcing the highest quality talent, elevating them through leadership and technical training and coaching them beyond the hire. Our people are ready to make immediate contributions to your financial and cultural health

Hiring and Diversity

We’ve been hiring media sales positions for decades and know the challenges faced in maintaining a high-performing, culturally balanced team. Once you put one together, the average attrition rate of 30% – 55% means it won’t be long before you’re looking to fill a vacant slot, bringing you back to the lengthy, expensive hiring process. Colorfyl bridges this gap through our first-in-class training and mentoring program – cutting down on attrition and helping you build your diverse team faster.

The True Costs of Attrition

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The Colorfyl Effect in Hiring

Standard Model of Media Sales Hiring Process

Standard Hiring Practices

Depending on the economy, you’ll either have a dribble or a deluge of applicants, streaming in from dozens of automated job boards.  For each one, you’ll spend time reviewing their resumes and conducting initial interviews.  You’ll finally settle and bring someone on board, put them through orientation and training and give them time to get their sales up. How many months will go by before you see a return on that investment? What’s more, will they stay the distance or leave and put you back on square one?

The Colorfyl Way

When we promise diverse candidates that are pre-qualified and pre-trained, we’re not just talking about their technical proficiency and sales skills. They’ve completed a rigorous 8 week course sharpening their mental discipline, leadership skills, presentation ability, knowledge of industry and product proficiency. 

Not only that, but our post-hire mentorship program allows us to stay with them for the first 8 weeks making sure they’re set up for success. What does this mean to you? Ready-to-contribute new-hires, lower turnover and a much faster return on your investment. 

We help deliver on the cultural diversity promise and bottom-line ROI that your inclusive company needs.


The Colorfyl Process for Media Sales Hiring Process

What's in a Word?

The terms 'Diversity' and 'Inclusion', used whenever we discuss workplace equity, have many contexts and are often mistakenly used as synonyms for each other. It's helpful to clarify what we mean when we use these words, how they fit into our mission, and what our candidates expect from the companies we work with.

Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.

Vernā Myers


Diversity is about representation and connotes the vast variety of the human spectrum, encompassing race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, socio-economic and lifestyle differences. 

What we mean when we say it

Colorfyl’s long term mission is to help advance workplace diversity for all types across multiple industries via our value-driven certification program. Our immediate focus is to help BIPOC men and women excel in the under-represented field of media sales.

Color in Sales

In marketing/sales roles among surveyed U.S. based companies, only 7% are African-American


Inclusion is about involvement and refers to a cultural and environmental feeling of belonging. It can be assessed as the extent to which employees are valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate in the organization.

What we mean when we say it

Colorfyl graduates expect workplaces to view inclusivity as a fluid rather than static policy. Essentially this means you’re open-minded and continue to evolve your inclusivity as feedback requires. We continue to mentor our talent and their goals after the hire.

Leadership Diversity

Only 22% of employees who responded to a Harvard Business Review study said they work at organizations that have diversity in leadership positions

Our Support

Colorfyl works hard to build outstanding candidates for your industry. We firmly stand behind their success and yours.

Graduate Support

Our post-hire coaching program ensures their success by aligning their values, work-ethic and professional goals. They continue to be a positive contribution to your company and our organization long after they’ve been hired.

Company Support

As we mentor our graduates, we will provide feedback to you in an effort to help you refine your inclusion efforts. We also offer an optional complete D&I assessment + set of recommendations to help you launch a mutually successful program.

Get Colorfyl Working for You​

Reach out and learn how we can fast-track your hiring efforts, boost your bottom line, increase employee retention and balance your team’s diversity with the most exceptional talent available

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