Colorfyl for Candidates

Your success is our success. Together we will affect positive change, both in your career and in the company we place you with. Our journey with you continues even after you start your new job.

Join the Colorfyl Team

Our focus is to attract talented, motivated people of color and help them begin (or advance) career opportunities in the media advertising industry. Upon completion of our training and leadership-skills program, Colorfyl places these individuals into inclusive media companies seeking talented, motivated and diverse performers.

We are diversity match-makers with 52+ years of hiring/running teams in the broadcast, radio and print media. Our insights and inside connections will help you gain entry where others cannot. We know this industry front to back, and know the opportunities available to you.

We can help you land that high-paying, exciting, fast track job and career opportunity – but we do much more than refer you for placement in a media company. Through our industry leading training program, we pre-position you for success before you ever have the first interview.

This comprehensive training program assures that you will be a formidable candidate for employment. A reputation well-earned, and you will be able to prove it. With our certification, you will be positioned to make a positive impact within days of joining your new company.

Do you qualify?

Our training, placement and mentoring program isn’t right for everyone. This opportunity is for motivated, entrepreneurial self-starters – people of color who either have sales experience or a strong drive to create it. Though we prefer candidates with a college degree and/or sales experience, acceptance is not soley based on these factors. We want to work with the best, help make them better then coach them on to lucrative, fulfilling careers

Here's the path we'll walk together

The Application

The journey of a lifetime starts with a single step - in this case an online application

The Application

Not everyone who applies makes it into Colorfyl. We'll ask about your past work experience, education and longer term goals. We'll want to see you LinkedIn and facebook profiles

The Interview

Those who make it past the application stages will be granted an interview - we'll get to know each other better and determine whether or not we're a good fit for each other.

The Enrollment

You're In! Our curriculum starts anew every 2 weeks. We'll confirm the best date for you to start.
It's ok to whoop and holler at this stage, you've started on the journey of a lifetime!

The Academy

Colorfyl Academy is three educational modules, with a fourth geared for interviewing


Our course schedule covers the basics of media sales success - Effective communication, positive mindset, knowledge of technology, familiarity with products and ability to sell in the media space

Quizzes & Roleplay

There will be a few ways we gauge your progress - multiple choice quizzes, some essay questions and roleplay video - where we present you with a scenario and you record your response

Interactive Classes

In addition to regular online classes will be occasional live Zoom events. These are very important - they not only allow us to connect with you personally, but give you a chance to meet others on the same path

Job Placement

Here is what it all builds up to - your job placement interviews

Colorfyl Outerview

Your 'final' exam will be a live interview (outerview) for which we will help prepare you. This will be recorded and presented as part of your Colorfyl Certification when we represent you to potential employers

Colorfyl Certification

Your Colorfyl certification gets assembled - containing your updated brand: a solid resume, bio, video reel and educators assessment - all assembled into a tidy, professionally presented digital package

Job Interviews

These are not your typical job interviews. At this stage, you've been pre-screened, pre-trained, certified and primed for the position being offered. You just need to be yourself, the amazing you that followed through

Your New Beginning

Now you're employed, but your journey is just beginning. You can help us and others like you by participating in our mentorship program, encouraging other students, giving feedback to our educators and being an active member of the community.


You're in a new position at a new company and we couldn't be happier for you! Our post-hire coaching program is designed to ensure your new employment is a success to you personally

Colorfyl Alumni

We will ask you to present occasionally in Zoom calls with students just like you were. As you found along the way, seeing the success of other participants helped propel you to completion

Work With Us

You are a shining example of a community that strives to help each other move forwards. There are many ways to help, participate and even work for Colorfyl if desired.

Ready to Take the Journey?

Your future awaits – we’d be honored to help you achieve it

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