About Colorfyl

At Colorfyl (pronounced color-full or color-fill), our mission is to elevate, train, place and mentor the next generation of sales professionals, while guiding media companies in understanding, hiring and retaining a more diverse team.

Our Promise

To Our Companies

To Our Students

We will provide leadership training, professional growth and personal mentorship as we place you in lucrative media sales careers with inclusive, equitable companies.

Our Goals

To Elevate Potential

We will enhance our candidate's professional potential by putting them on the path to success in the media sales space

To Improve Workplaces

We will improve the performance of media sales teams by actively demonstrating how diversity and inclusion produce financial results

To Advance Diversity

We will nurture a supportive community and will seek partnerships and alliances that reinforce our values and help advance our members.

Our Truths and Beliefs

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Media Sales Representation

By cultivating this quality talent and connecting it with our partner media companies, we believe we can help them accelerate revenue growth while bridging the racial inequity that currently exists in their industry.

Finally, through mentoring the individual during their first two months we believe we can help reduce attrition, helping guide the person and the organization to mutual success.

Our Story

Colorfyl is an organization who believes in the power of diversity and the need to represent people of color in the workplace. Market analysis has shown time and again the gains made by companies whose teams embrace the ethnic, gender, able-body and age spectrum. In response, the call to balance out these demographics in the workplace is finding a foothold across all trades. The opportunity was obvious; there was a compelling business case to help move corporate America towards inclusion. Our calling however, came from another source.

It was clear to us that unification of talent, equity, diversity and inclusion would involve the perspective, participation and passion of all walks of life. Being black, we could bring first hand experience of trying to fit into a system not designed for us. Being white, we could listen, acknowledge the racial waters we swim in and challenge the institutional inequity of a system we were born into. Together we could design a path to help others and build a better workplace.

Our experience is in TV, radio, newspaper and digital classified media. We’ve collectively spent decades seeking, hiring, training and mentoring individuals to success, but have always found difficulty in attracting or retaining people of color to our teams.

It took a combination of events – Covid 19, Black Lives Matter protests, the rise of White Nationalist groups and polarizing identity politics – to put us together and combine our knowledge and experience into this venture. Our goal is nothing less than the brilliant success of industry and individual and the diversification of what has mostly been an ethnically homogeneous field.

We are diversity educators, trainers, recruiters, vice presidents, sales leaders, technologists – we are white, black, pink and brown  – we are here to make a positive contribution and be on the right side of history – we are Colorfyl.

Our Leadership

Ricardo Porter, CEO

Ricardo Porter is the Co-Founder and CEO of Colorfyl, an organization that recruits, trains and places people of color into media sales positions. He is also the Owner President of Act2Live, a personal coaching company emphasizing personal development, and strategic planning.

Ricardo’s years as a corporate business and sales leader, combined with his passion for coaching and developing sales talent make a perfect fit for his role at Colorfyl. As a time-tested and passionate leader, he shapes the spirit and directs the focus of the company. To our candidates, the CEO presents a real-world model of personal success, and a mentor who has plotted a course and blazed trails – inspiring each to find their own. His methodology for coaching, mentoring and culture development merges mindset strategies and personal empowerment with real world interactions to develop leaders, performers, change-agents, and impact players.

Mr. Porter served Trader Interactive, Trader Publishing, and parent company Dominion Enterprises with distinction for more than 20 years. These organizations specialize in digital products serving a variety of verticals. His progression as a sales leader with the company included numerous positions spanning an impressive array of verticals. Among the hundreds of men and women that had the opportunity to learn from Ricardo was Colorfyl’s Founder and Chairman, Henry Yates who describes Ricardo as “a one in a million, unicorn of a guy.” Yates described his time working for Ricardo as among the most rewarding periods of his professional career and credits Porter with showing him how to handle both great achievement and inevitable defeat.

What sets Ricardo apart from other leaders is his desire to look beyond the numbers. He challenges, supports, drives and celebrates along with each and every person with whom he works. Colorfyl candidates will not just see him on recorded lessons, they will interact with him in Zoom based, live classroom settings as well as individual coaching sessions. He will not be their short-term trainer, but rather their lifetime mentor and advocate.

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