Elevating the best and brightest to become the next generation of media sales professionals

We accelerate revenue growth and transform lives

Jobseekers of Color

We are your direct path to meaningful professional growth

  • We Train You for Triumph

    You will expand your skillset through our ground-breaking media and mindset sales training program - at no charge

  • We Place You with an Inclusive Company

    After graduation, we place you into a new career in local media sales and marketing

  • We Coach You for Success After Hire

    We're committed for your success which is why we continue to support you after you've been hired

  • We Seek Out the Best for You

    By attracting, auditing and pre-screening the best candidates before we train them, we save you valuable time and resources

  • We Give Them Skills You Require

    Our qualifying candidates get mentored through an industry-leading media sales training program that teaches leadership, sales and technical skills

  • We Follow Through

    Our one-on-one coaching, which continues on after employment, helps ensure their success and job satisfaction - reducing the churn

Inclusive Companies

We've got the next generation of diverse, accelerated revenue producers

Jobseekers of Color:

Ground-breaking Training
& Job Placement
No Cost to You

We transform lives by elevating, training and mentoring professionals of color to become accelerated revenue producers in the lucrative field of local media sales. When our students complete Colorfyl Academy, we place them in careers with inclusive media companies. All this is done at no charge to the individual – we just ask that they give back to the Colorfyl community in order to help others.   

Assets in a Media Sales Career Chart

Qualifying applicants get an advantage - a career and paycheck boost not available anywhere else

Does this describe you? You’re a motivated, entrepreneurial self-starter. You have the drive and desire, possibly even a degree and some experience. You’re ready to make your mark. Do you want to get in line, or skip ahead? Our industry-leading training program will not only give you an edge in life and a solid, multi-option career trajectory, but we’ll follow it up by getting you started on your journey with an inclusive employer. 

Your Path to Success
The Colorfyl Academy

The Colorfyl Academy is a focused multi-week training program which rapidly accelerates your value in the job market, and primes you for the inclusive opportunities available from our recruitment team. We designed the curriculum specifically to prepare you with the mentality, sales skills and technological understanding to succeed.   

Colorfyl Academy has four main modules.


Your value and success in the workplace is defined by more than your skills - your ability to navigate racial dynamics, sales rejection and interpersonal relations are key


The world of media sales is largely driven by technology - we'll coach you through the vocabulary and skills to work with these powerful online toolsets


Your sharpened mindset and product knowledge are brought together with advanced sales techniques and strategies to complete your training


Now that you're a certified Academy Graduate, it's time to put your professional package together. We help you create your best resume and refine your interviewing skills

Inclusive Companies:

Diversify Your Team with the
Best Possible Talent

We bring exceptional, pre-trained talent, ready to hit the ground running and make a positive financial impact with your company. Our post-hire coaching program helps smooth the transition and reducing churn. This is how we accelerate revenue growth and transform lives.

Diversity and inclusion are key contributors to your team’s success both financially and culturally, but it’s not a ‘just add minorities’ proposition. To succeed, you need a team with developed skillsets, professionalism and drive, along with the trust that your investment in their growth is rewarded with loyalty and retention. Colorfyl not only pre-screens it’s candidates, but also develops their value through our industry-leading, four-tiered training program. 

Decision Making

Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets and 87% better at making decisions

We cultivate thought-leaders and decision-makers, ready to collaborate and contribute – exactly the kind of people you need to help capture new markets.

78% of companies agree that diversity and inclusion offer a competitive advantage

This represents the potential of a well-trained team in a supportive workplace. We help you meet your diverse audience with diverse talent, primed to lead with success and drive. 

Competitive Edge

D&I In the News


Inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time


Inherently diverse contributors understand the unmet needs in under-leveraged markets.

Korn Ferry

Lack of Focus on Diversity and Inclusion Key Factor in Employee Turnover

What to Become

Highly inclusive companies are more likely to hit their financial target goals by up to 120%.

Join Colorfyl and be a part
of the solution

There are many ways to be a part of Colorfyl, grow our community and support our mission to accelerate revenue growth while transforming lives. 


I am ready to advance my career and become a sales leader in an inclusive, diversified local media company


I am looking to find and hire the most talented, qualified and diverse talent for my inclusive local media company


I am looking to partner, support, or join forces with Colorfyl and help advance the diversity, equity and inclusion discussion

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